Golf’s History in the Olympics is Brief

Golf’s History in the Olympics is Brief

Posted on 14. Dec, 2009 by in 2016 Olympics

Golf’s history in the Olympics has been quite brief; many hope that after 2016 this will change. It was over 100 years ago, back on September 24, 1904, when golf was last a part of the Olympic games, in St. Louis, Missouri.  These games were a bit different than the current televised world wide affair that we know of today. They were spread out over the course of several months in order to coincide with the World’s Fair. The golf competition took place on the 17 of September and was played out until the 24th of that month. The gold medal match was won by George Lyon, a Canadian, over US player Henry Egan; it was a match play event. The only other time golf has been a part of the Olympic Games was in Paris in 1900.

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